Discovering a Rock and Roll Pioneer

Sometimes INTERNETTING is worth your time. Today, I discovered Rosetta Tharpe by chance on YouTube and spent some time investigating. My first thought was: “Why haven’t I seen this before?” My second was: “Of course I haven’t, unfortunately.” My third: “Spread the word!” Stick around until at least 1:25 in this video to witness the clear influence in terms of both playing chops and showmanship she must have had on the likes of Chuck Berry and Jimi Hendrix (among many others).

Second EP Update

July and August were rough months. Illness… injury… a family crisis… humidity. All of which left me feeling exhausted and left my new EP, originally planned for late August release, unfinished. I’m happy to be on the other side of all that and ready to resume work on the record. It looks like it’ll be a winter release for the as yet untitled Giants of Diving EP #2, with at least one additional single release between now and then.

Meanwhile, check out “Headlines,” the first EP2 single, and a couple of recent covers. Additional recordings are available on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Spotify, and all the other places.